Luke Byrne appointed Technical Director of Shelbourne FC

December 13, 2023: Shelbourne FC are pleased to announce the appointment of Luke Byrne as the club’s new Technical Director.

This important role is crucial for long-term success. This Technical Director ensures a single footballing vision is aligned throughout the club. Working from the academy to the first team, and at key underage elite League of Ireland grades. Luke Byrne will work with all coaches and the Academy Director to create a cohesive playing style and philosophy.

The role provides stability and a strategic approach to the club’s technical and football department growth and aims to establish a sustainable pathway for success, balancing short-term goals with creating long-term objectives that sit outside the cyclical nature of League of Ireland football.

Byrne brings a wealth of experience to the role having recently retired from playing. He has coached at underage levels with Shamrock Rovers and Shelbourne FC.

The Howth native will have roles between various components of the club, including football operations and will further enhance alignment across all levels.

The former club captain will oversee recruitment strategies, working closely with existing stakeholders, football operations and coaches to identify players that fit the club’s style. 

Byrne’s understanding and familiarity with the league’s demands from a playing perspective, gleaned from a decade long career coupled with his experience and expertise will aid in making informed decisions during transfer windows, focusing on both immediate needs and long-term squad development.

The Technical Director will work in tandem with the academy structure to establish a pathway for young players, men and women, to ensure a structured youth development program that can feed into the club’s two senior teams.

Byrne will also collaborate with coaching staff, providing guidance and support, while also allowing various teams and coaches the autonomy required to be accountable and responsible for their individual objectives.

Beyond his playing career at Tolka, Luke Byrne has been pivotal in shaping the club’s culture. Instilling values of professionalism, respect, dedication, and a strong work ethic can permeate through the entire club under his stewardship.

This new role will act as a fulcrum, unifying the club’s footballing aspects, ensuring a coherent approach to player development, recruitment, and retention, while operating within budgetary constraints and steering Shels towards sustained success, both on and off the pitch.

Luke Byrne, Technical Director of Shelbourne FC said: “I am incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity to continue being a part of the club, going into what is a very exciting period for Shelbourne FC. Everyone who knows me knows what this club means to me and I am extremely motivated about being part of a team that is helping the club to grow and achieve long-term success. The progress made over the past few years has been immense and I want to help all strands of the club continue on this upward trajectory. Personally, I couldn’t think of a better transition for myself after retiring earlier this month. I also want to place on record a huge thanks to Mickey O’Rourke, Brian McGovern, Barry Mocke and the board for putting their faith in me. UTR and see you in Tolka in 2024”

Damien Duff, Head Coach of Shelbourne FC said: “It is amazing news that Luke is staying on at this great club in such an important position. He has played a huge part in helping rebuild the club on the pitch, now it is time to do it off it.  I have no doubt he will become the best Technical Director in the country overnight. In what is a busy time for clubs in this transfer window, Luke is a world class signing for Shelbourne FC. A massive thank you also to Mickey O’Rourke for believing in Luke but also what he has done for everyone in the last six weeks. Myself, the staff and the players will be giving everything to repay his faith in us and the club. UTR”

Mickey O’Rourke, majority shareholder of Shelbourne FC said: “Luke’s appointment as Technical Director marks a pivotal moment for Shelbourne FC. His dedication, experience, and deep-rooted connection to the club make him the ideal leader to help shape our footballing vision. With Luke at the helm, we’re confident in achieving sustained success, fostering talent, and realising our long-term objectives. His passion for Shelbourne FC is undeniable, and we’re thrilled to have him take up this role during this exciting phase of growth and development for the club.”

Barry Mocke, CEO of Shelbourne FC said: “I am delighted to announce Luke Byrne’s appointment as our Technical Director. Luke’s invaluable experience as a player, coupled with his coaching background and deep commitment to Shelbourne FC, make him the perfect fit for this crucial role. His leadership will be instrumental in shaping our footballing ethos and driving the club towards sustained success. We’re thrilled to keep Luke at the club and for him to take on this pivotal position and look forward to the impact he’ll undoubtedly make at Shelbourne FC.”


Darren Cleary

Shelbourne FC

Head of Media and Communications

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