Partner & Affiliate Clubs

Connecting Communities Through Football

At Shelbourne FC, our commitment extends beyond the pitch as we collaborate closely with community football clubs, across Dublin and beyond.

We work with clubs of all sizes and all levels: There are two collaboration models we utilise to support our family of community clubs. These are ‘Partner Clubs’ and ‘Affiliate Clubs’. The benefits that each model brings are explained below.

Partner Clubs: Our commitment to our partner clubs is demonstrated through our focused engagement on a weekly basis. We orchestrate an array of activities, including emerging talent programs, energetic blitzes, and in-house friendly matches. Notably, players from these clubs are extended an invitation to train at our esteemed Academy.

Elevating Both Players and Coaches Our involvement doesn’t stop at young players; we actively collaborate with and mentor the coaches of our partner clubs multiple times each month. This collaborative effort ensures alignment within club structures and the elevation of player development models across all football clubs. The benefits are far-reaching: dedicated coaching support, exclusive access to thrilling Shelbourne First Team matches, the presence of First Team players at club events, and much more become available to each club.

These initiatives exemplify our commitment to a holistic and enduring partnership.

Affiliate Clubs: Our commitment expands to encompass a network of Affiliate clubs, spanning the vibrant Dublin area and extending to clubs in distant reaches. We take on the role of mentors, guiding and supporting the coaches within these clubs. Drawing from our wealth of experience developed at our Academy, we provide insights and practical demonstrations. This encompasses a comprehensive view, from the intricacies of small-sided games to the dynamics of full 11-a-side matches, showcasing the breadth of our expertise and commitment to enhancing football development.

Join our Football Family

At Shelbourne F.C., our aspiration is to foster greater openness and accessibility among our fellow football clubs. If you’re part of a community football club not currently featured here but are eager to engage, we encourage you to reach out. Let’s initiate a conversation about the possibility of integrating your club into our network. Contact our Community Officer Tony O’Neill on, and we’ll be enthusiastic to explore how your club can join our football family.