Reds Creative

Behind Shelbourne FC’s identity is a group of passionate individuals who work tirelessly on imagery, graphics, video and audio content. Meet the people behind the Shels cultural group and get in touch with the Shelbourne FC Reds Creative today!

The Shelbourne FC Reds Creative team is constantly growing, so we are always looking for ways to celebrate our talented fan base.

Simon Crowe | Videographer |

oneMILE Studio | Animation |

Cashmere Media | Video |

Graphic Design

Ciaran Doyne | Graphic designer |


The attached Spotify playlist features artists from the Reds fan base, and who have played gigs associated with the club, provided music to video material and whose tracks can be heard at The Tolka Bar on match nights. So listen in!


Eoin Smith | Photography |

Maurice Frazer | Photography

Quality and Tradition for 125 years
Quality and Tradition for 125 years

The video celebrates the rich history of Quality and Tradition that the Shelbourne FC tam has produced over 125 years.