VOLUNTEER ROLE: Club Historian at Shelbourne FC

Shelbourne FC seeks to appoint a Volunteer Club Historian to assist in its plans to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Tolka Park in 2024 and the 130th anniversary of the club in 2025.

The Club Historian will work closely with the staff and volunteers at Shelbourne FC to bring the storied history of the club to life. 

Among the key aims for this role are:

1. Preserving Legacy: Shelbourne FC boasts a rich history having been founded in Slattery’s Public House in 1895, and with milestone anniversaries approaching, it’s essential to preserve and celebrate the club’s legacy.

2. Documenting Milestones: The historian will play a pivotal role in researching, compiling, and documenting key milestones, stories, and historical events related to the club.

3. Engaging the Community: Utilising historical content to engage supporters, foster a sense of pride in Shels’ history, and strengthen the club’s bond with the community. This is particularly important at a time where we hope to soon announce Tolka Park as our long term home into the future.

Responsibilities of the Club Historian:

  • Research: Conduct thorough research into Shelbourne FC’s history, including its foundation, notable matches, players, managers, and significant moments. Gather oral history and interview former players to document their story.
  • Compilation: Assist in the creation of a comprehensive historical archive that includes written records, photographs, videos, and memorabilia.
  • Storytelling: Craft compelling narratives that bring Shelbourne FC’s history to life, making it accessible and engaging for fans of all ages in person at events and seminars, online and digital with engaging social content, and in ground with murals, plaques and other endeavours to mark and honour our history.
  • Events: Collaborate with the club and DCC to arrange and host events, exhibitions, or digital campaigns to showcase the club’s rich history and heritage.

The Shelbourne FC club historian will assist with:

1. Anniversary Celebrations: Assist in the creation of a strategic programme to mark the 100th anniversary of Tolka Park and the 130th anniversary of the club, ensuring this milestones are celebrated in a meaningful and historically accurate way.

2. Legacy Preservation: Create a lasting legacy for future generations of Shelbourne FC supporters, preserving the club’s rich heritage by interviewing former players, managers, volunteers and people who’ve played a pivotal but at times overlooked or forgotten role in Shelbourne FC history.

3. Community Engagement: Engage fans and the local community with compelling historical content and events while creating deeper roots in our community and attracting non football fans to the club – those with an interest in local history, preservation of historical landmarks, etc.

4. Marketing: Help to curate and craft historical content to enhance the club’s marketing efforts, attracting new fans and sponsors.

The Volunteer Club Historian for Shelbourne FC will help to celebrate and commemorate the club’s rich history, engaging the community, and ensuring that the milestone anniversaries of Tolka Park and the club itself are marked appropriately.

The successful candidate will contribute to the club’s long-lasting legacy and strengthen its connection with fans, both old and new.

To apply for the role please, submit a CV and cover letter to Darren.Cleary@shelbournefc.ie

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