Shelbourne FC announce partnership with Malahide United

Shelbourne FC is delighted to announce a new partnership with Malahide United, a thriving schoolboy and schoolgirl football club. 

This multifaceted football collaboration aims to build a stronger community in North County Dublin, provide enhanced opportunities for player development, and create a pathway for aspiring male and female players to professional football.

Malahide United FC is entering the current season with nearly 60 teams, featuring young talents across various age groups and genders competing in the DDSL, NDSL, and MGL leagues. 

They recently completed the construction of a state-of-the-art all-weather facility, equipped with floodlights meeting FIFA’s highest specifications. The club are also actively seeking additional funding through the Government Sports Capital Grant Scheme for future developments.

The partnership between Shelbourne FC and Malahide United signifies a significant step forward in promoting grassroots football development and creating a unified footballing community in North County Dublin. 

Both clubs are excited to embark on this journey together and are committed to nurturing the talents of young footballers while prioritising a spirit of community and collaboration.

The partnership entails a range of exciting initiatives that will benefit both clubs, their coaches and their players:

Club Participation: Both Shelbourne FC and Malahide United will engage in reciprocal participation in small-sided games, blitzes, tournaments, and other events.

Training Exchange: Players from Malahide United will have the unique opportunity to participate in training sessions with Shelbourne FC’s underage teams, gaining exposure to high-quality coaching, elite environments and professional facilities.

International Tournaments: Players from either club may also represent their partner in international tournaments, competing as guests with Shelbourne FC’s underage teams, enabling players to showcase their talents on a broader stage.

Coach Collaboration: Malahide United’s coaches will have the opportunity to attend Shelbourne FC National League training sessions and coach education workshops, creating an invaluable opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Club Night at Tolka Park: A dedicated Malahide United club night will take place at Tolka Park. Teams and coaches will enjoy discounted tickets for matches, along with engaging in half-time games.

Colm Barron, Shelbourne FC, Head of Academy said: “We are excited to develop this football partnership with Malahide United. They are a massive schoolboy and schoolgirl club that continues to develop year on year. We want to support the already brilliant work they do with their coaches and players and offer a clear pathway into the National League for players who aspire to do so on both the male and female side.”

He further added, “This is our second football partnership in Dublin. Aaron Roe plays a pivotal role in the collaboration between both clubs to ensure that we are maximising the benefits on a football level. Malahide’s schoolgirl section is continuing to evolve, and it is paramount for us that the collaboration involves both the male and female sections. We look forward to working with Alan and Vanessa on this.”

Don Butler, Malahide United, Chairman said: “Our club, founded in 1944, is gearing up to celebrate its remarkable 80th anniversary next year—a testament to our enduring passion for the sport. This special partnership is geared towards the mutual benefit of both boys and girls from both clubs, fostering a culture of shared coaching principles and ideals. We extend our sincere appreciation to the dedicated directors of coaching at each club, namely Alan Doyle of Malahide United FC and Colm Barron of Shelbourne FC, who have played a pivotal role in shaping this collaboration.”

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