Club Statement | Tolka Park

On Monday 13th May, 2024, Dublin City Council will bring forward a motion to the full vote of councillors, regarding the proposal to grant Shelbourne FC a 250-year leasehold for Tolka Park, as agreed by Dublin City Council management and Shelbourne FC. This deal will secure the future of Shelbourne FC and Tolka Park, a place of great sporting and cultural significance not just to our club but to the local area and wider city.

Shelbourne FC are today calling on all councillors to vote YES on the proposal advocating for the preservation and revitalisation of Tolka Park as a vital sports and cultural hub for our local community.

The club extends a huge thank you to everyone involved in reaching this crucial juncture, especially the dedicated volunteers across the club and all those involved in the Save Tolka Park campaign.

Over the last number of years, the board has undertaken an enormous commitment to bring these negotiations to a conclusion. Due to the extremely sensitive nature and the legalities involved, public communication was not always possible. The board would like to put on record its thanks to our supporters, partners, and volunteers, for their patience in this regard.

We take pride in the recent upgrades to Tolka Park, including increased capacity of the Riverside Stand and Ballybough Stand, and the upgrade to our PA system and toilet facilities. Our dedication to investing in Tolka Park reflects our commitment to creating a home for champions – for both our men’s and women’s teams and a range of community initiatives, and the preservation of Tolka Park, a special place that means so much to so many.

By granting Shelbourne FC a long-term leasehold for Tolka Park, councillors will not only support our club, but also enrich the wider sporting and social fabric of Drumcondra and North Dublin as a whole.

The board of Shelbourne FC have been working extensively on refurbishment plans and the associated investment required to elevate Tolka Park to a modern facility, details of which will be announced in due course.

We’d encourage all Shelbourne FC fans and members of the local community to let their local representative know their views on this matter and your preference to grant Shelbourne FC a 250-year leasehold for Tolka Park.

You can contact them by using the tool below, courtesy of the Save Tolka Park campaign:

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