Board reaction to Dalymount announcement

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Dublin City Council contacted us last week to inform us that they had been unable to reach agreement with the Primary Leaseholder regarding the leasehold of Tolka Park and, although disappointed at that outcome, they would have to move forward with the Dalymount project without Shelbourne FC’s involvement for the time being.

Shelbourne FC has engaged in the process to date as best it could but, ultimately, a proposal didn’t emerge that we felt offered a realistic future for the club and that could be recommended to supporters. Although naturally disappointed that we will not be centrally involved from the start of this important initiative, the Board is pleased that DCC also stated that it is open to a possible future involvement for our club and has previously stated that they see the merits in helping to ensure the survival of both clubs.

We will continue to work on a vision for the future of Shelbourne Football Club with a view to bringing proposals to our supporters, the FAI and DCC, encompassing not only the historic League of Ireland section of the club but also the thriving boys’ and girls’ sections.

We would encourage all interested supporters to watch the DCC debate of the Dalymount deal from last Monday, June 8th. Click here to view (this link will take you directly to the relevant point in the meeting).