Ground Regs and Acceptable Behaviour Policy

Ground Regulations and Safety Notice

Shelbourne FC is committed to ensuring the safety of all patrons. Please help us do this by following these safety notices and complying with our Ground Regulations (details on and following the instructions of our stewards and safety personnel.

Emergency Exits and Evacuation of the Stadium

There are two primary evacuation routes from the stadium via the large gates located at either side of the Main Stand on the Richmond Road side of the stadium. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with your nearest exit.

Always pay attention to public address announcements and the instructions of the stewards.

In the event of an emergency that requires evacuation of the stadium, please make your way to the nearest exit.

Medical Assistance

If you require medical assistance, please inform any of our stewards who will direct you to the correct location.

Family Seating

The Main Stand is designated as a family seating section. Persons sitting in this area are asked to conduct themselves appropriately. Stewards are instructed to ask anyone not behaving suitably to leave the stadium.

Ground Regulations

Notice: Entry to the Ground is expressly subject to acceptance by the visitor of these Ground Regulations and the rules and regulations of FIFA, UEFA, the FAI, and the LOI in respect of the relevant competition. Entry to the Ground shall constitute acceptance of the Ground Regulations.

“Club” means Shelbourne Football Club.
“Football Authority” means each of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI), the League of Ireland (LOI), FIFA, UEFA, and any other relevant governing body of association football.
“Illegal Substance” means any drug which is not legally obtainable, or which is legally obtainable but has not been legally obtained. The term includes prescribed drugs not being used for prescribed purposes.
“Ground” means this football stadium and all locations owned, occupied, or utilised by the Club. “Match” means any association football match (or any part or aspect of such a match) taking place at the Ground.
“Material” means any audio, visual and/or audio-visual material and/or any information or data.

“Policies and Procedures” means the regulations, policies, and procedures to be adhered to by all those attending the Ground which can be found on or accessed at

All persons entering the Ground are admitted subject to the following Ground Regulations and rules, policies, and procedures of Shelbourne FC (all details are available on The Club reserve the right to admission. Entry to the Ground shall be deemed to constitute unqualified acceptance of the rules and regulations and failure to comply, following admission, may result in ejection and where appropriate further sanction.

These regulations are to be read in conjunction with other Club policies and procedures.

  1. Notwithstanding possession of any ticket the Club, An Garda Siochana or an authorised steward may refuse entry to (or eject from) the Ground any person:

    1.1.  That fails (or in the Club’s reasonable opinion is likely to fail) to comply with these Ground Regulations and/or any reasonable instruction issued by An Garda Siochana or authorised steward or officer of the Club; and/or

    1.2.  Whose presence within the Ground is, or could (in the Club’s reasonable opinion), constitute a source of danger, nuisance, or annoyance to any other person.

    1.3.  On no account will admission be granted to a person who is the subject of a current banning order.
  2. The Club excludes to the maximum extent permitted by law any liability for loss, injury, or damage to persons/property in or around the Ground.
  3. No guarantees can be given by the Club that a Match will take place at a particular time or on a particular date and the Club reserves the right to reschedule the Match without notice and without any liability whatsoever, save only to the extent provided pursuant to paragraph 5.
  4. In the event of the postponement or abandonment of the Match, refunds (if any) will be made at the discretion of the Club’s management. The Club will have no further liability whatsoever, including (but not limited to) any indirect or consequential loss or damage, such as (but not limited to) loss of enjoyment or travel costs.
  5. All persons seeking entrance to the Ground acknowledge the Club’s right to search any person entering the Ground and to refuse entry to or eject from the Ground any person refusing to submit to such a search.
  6. The following articles must not be brought within the Ground – knives, Illegal Substances, fireworks, smoke canisters, air-horns, flares, weapons, dangerous or hazardous items, laser devices, bottles, glass vessels, cans, poles, and any article that might be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety. Any person in possession of such items will be refused entry to the Ground and may face further disciplinary action.
  7. Further, you may not bring into the Ground:

    7.1.  Any sponsorship, promotional or marketing materials save in respect of official Club merchandise and/or other football related clothing worn in good faith.

    7.2.  Any flags or banners larger than those maximum dimensions permitted by the Club from time to time (or, in the absence of such stipulations, 2 metres x 1 metre) and/or of an offensive nature.

    7.3.  Nor may you offer (either free or for sale by any person) any goods (including literature) of any nature, without the express written approval of the Club’s management.
  8. Spectators are not permitted to bring alcohol into the Ground or to consume alcohol in the stands.
  9. The following activities are strictly forbidden and may result in, denied access, ejection from the Ground and further sanctions:

    9.1.  The use of threatening behaviour, foul or abusive language.

    9.2.  Attempting to enter the Ground or be inside the Ground whilst under the influence of alcohol or an Illegal Substance.

    9.3.  Being in possession of an Illegal Substance when entering the Ground or inside the Ground.

    9.4.  Being in possession of alcohol when entering the Ground or whilst in the stands.
  10. Racial, homophobic, or discriminatory abuse, chanting or harassment is strictly forbidden and may result in arrest and/or ejection from the Ground and subsequent disciplinary action.
  11. The following acts are offences:

    11.1.  The throwing of any object within the Ground without lawful authority or excuse.
    11.2.  The chanting of anything of an indecent or racist nature.
    11.3.  The entry onto the playing area or any adjacent area to which spectators are not generally admitted without lawful authority or excuse.
  12. Nobody may stand in any seating area whilst play is in progress. Persistent standing in seated areas, may result in ejection from the Ground.
  13. The obstruction of gangways, access ways, exits and entrances, stairways and like places is strictly forbidden.
  14. Nobody entering the Ground shall be permitted to climb any structures within the Ground.
  15. Mobile telephones and other mobile devices are permitted within the Ground provided that they are used for personal and private use only (which, for the avoidance of doubt and by way of example only, shall not include the capturing, logging, recording, transmitting, playing, issuing, showing, or any other communication of any Material for any commercial purposes).
  16. Any individual who has entered any part of the Ground designated for the use of any group of supporters to which they do not belong may be ejected from the Ground either for the purposes of their own safety or for any other reason.
  17. No goods (including literature) of any nature may be offered either free or for sale by any person within the Ground without the express written permission of the Club.
  18. Tickets are not transferable and may not be offered for sale without the prior written permission of the Club or otherwise in accordance with the relevant ticket terms and conditions. Any tickets that are transferred are transferred subject to these Ground Regulations. Any tickets offered for sale may be confiscated by any steward, officer of the Club or An Garda Siochana. The Club reserves the right to refuse admission to or eject from the Ground, and/or exclude any person who has offered for sale or transferred his/her ticket in contravention of the relevant ticket terms and conditions (and/or the holder of any ticket that has been transferred in contravention of the relevant ticket terms and conditions). Tickets always remain the property of the Club.
  19. CCTV cameras are in use around and in the Ground. Body worn video cameras and other devices recording video and/or audio may also be used as appropriate, to record images or audio which identifies you as an individual, for example to record prohibited behaviours. The Club may itself use or pass to the An Garda Siochana or any Football Authority or other clubs, any recordings for use in any proceedings.
  20. At all times whilst present in the Ground, persons must comply with all instructions of any steward or officer of the Club and/or An Garda Siochana (including without limitation any instructions regarding health and safety, such as those in respect of communicable diseases, and such persons shall comply with any government guidelines in respect of the same). Failure to comply with any instruction may lead to denied access or ejection from the Ground.
  21. All ticket holders agree that the Matches for which the tickets have been purchased are public, and that their appearance and actions inside and in the perimeter of the Ground where a Match occurs are public in nature, and that they shall have no expectation of privacy about their actions or conduct at Matches.
  22. By entering the Ground, all persons are acknowledging that photographic images and/or audio, visual and/or audio-visual recordings and/or feeds (and/or stills taken therefrom) may be taken of them and may also be used, by way of example and without limitation, in televised coverage of the game and/or for promotional, training, editorial or marketing purposes by the Club, the LOI or others (including commercial partners and accredited media organisations) and entry into the Ground constitutes consent to such use. You further acknowledge that photographic images and/or audio, visual and/or audio-visual recordings and/or feeds (and/or stills taken therefrom) may be used (by the Club or by a third party, such as a law enforcement body) to identify you as an individual, where permitted by data protection laws, for the purposes of preventing or detecting crime, or any breach of these Ground Regulations.
  23. Further to paragraph 22, if such person is under 18 years of age, the parent, guardian, or responsible adult who is accompanying them into the Ground shall be deemed to have provided consent on their behalf.
  24. Any person found damaging or defacing the property of the Ground or Club will be subject to disciplinary action and possible prosecution.
  25. Religious or political advertising, banners and slogans are strictly prohibited.
  26. Sale or distribution of publications or any other items inside the Ground, without written permission is strictly forbidden.
  27. Children under 14 are admitted only when accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  28. Refused entry to (or ejection from) the Ground may lead to further action by the Club including, but not limited to, the withdrawal of any season ticket (without reimbursement), Club membership and other benefits.

Published by Shelbourne FC, Season 2023/2024

Acceptable Behaviour Policy

Shelbourne Football Club (the Club) strives to create a positive, safe, and friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to supporters of all ages and backgrounds.

The Club received requests from fans and officials to update our policies. This led to engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, including supporters, to devise an Acceptable Behaviour Policy that represents the values we strive for at Shelbourne Football Club, not just at Tolka Park, but also as we travel across the country (and Europe).

Supporters who contravene these regulations can expect to be ejected from Tolka Park and/or any other facility managed by the Club, and in certain circumstances, issued with a stadium ban. It is important to note that the breach of some Ground Regulations may also constitute a criminal offence and the Club will support An Garda Siochana in their enquiries and where necessary, any subsequent prosecution.

We will also look to provide guidance and support to any supporters or other eyewitnesses who report an incident or help to further an investigation.

Where a supporter is identified to have breached the Ground Regulations or brought the Club’s name into disrepute, including in relation to away fixtures, further action will be taken in line with the guidance within this charter.

Prohibited Items

The following items are not allowed to be brought in to Tolka Park and/or any other facility used or managed by the Club:

  • Pyrotechnics, flares, smoke bombs, and fireworks etc.
  • Knives, weapons (or items considered to be weapons).
  • Air horns, loud hailers (megaphones) and certain musical instruments.
  • Large and/or golf umbrella or any item that may be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety.
  • Professional recording equipment (audio and visual) or equipment that is deemed to be professional.
  • Bags larger than 40cm x 30cm x 18cm.
  • Laser devices, bottles, glass vessels, cans, and poles This list is not exhaustive and further information is shown at the facility entrances. The complete Ground Regulations can be found at Away Matches

All supporters are to act and behave as ambassadors of the Club when travelling to away matches. Supporters should not engage in any unacceptable behaviour travelling to and from an away match and within the opposition ground itself.

Examples of unacceptable behaviour include (but are not limited to) breaching the Ground Regulations and engaging in any behaviour or using language which in the opinion of the Club is threatening, intimidating, racist, discriminatory, abusive, or offensive and/or which is likely to cause a nuisance or harassment to any other person or compromise public safety. This may also include (but is not limited to) taking hazardous or banned substances into the ground, the use of illegal drugs and other illegal substances, using foul or abusive language, throwing objects, entry onto the playing area or any areas where spectators are not permitted, and chanting which is racially motivated.

Supporters are asked to respect the staff and stewards of the opposition club, that they remain seated (if in seated areas) for the duration of the match and that they do not block aisles or gangways.

The Club reserves the right to investigate incidents at any time that evidence is presented to them and will work with An Garda Siochana and other authorities where a criminal act may have taken place.

The Club sells away tickets in-line with the opposition Clubs guidance and cannot be held responsible for any unknown restrictions that may have an impact on your matchday experience.

When children are traveling to away matches, please check with the opposition club what their rules are regarding the supervision of children, as rules can vary. Please ensure that children are safe and properly supervised by a responsible adult before, during and after the game.

Stadium Bans

The Club recognises that no two incidents are the same. The Club management will consider all available evidence when dealing with incidents and determining the length of a ban, if applicable. The table below indicates the type of penalties that may be issued against supporters.

Please note this is intended as guidance only and the Club reserve the right to suspend a supporter’s account whilst the investigation takes place. Supporters are also advised that:

  • Bans may carry over from one season to the next.
  • Sanctions apply to home matches, but restrictions can remain in place preventing the purchase of away matches.
  • The Club reserve the right to uplift and/or apply additional sanctions not shown.

The Club management reserve the right to issue a written warning or to ban any supporter or other individual from Tolka Park and/or other facilities operated by the Club, for breaches of the Ground Regulations. Where deemed appropriate by the Club, a warning/suspension of a supporter’s privileges will be dependent upon them signing and returning an Acceptable Behaviour Agreement, see appendix for example.

Where possible stadium bans will be conveyed in writing, whether personally, by email or post, and may also include the suspension of ticket purchasing privileges for away matches. Depending on the circumstances, the Supporters Liaison Officer will be consulted on the method delivery.

The banning order will outline the nature of the offence and the specific Ground Regulation that has been breached. It will also indicate the length of ban, either as a fixed number of matches or a period.

Denied Access Ejection Written warning Matches 3-month ban 6-month ban 1-year ban 2-year ban 3-year ban 4-year ban 5-year ban Indefinite ban

Where possible, banning letters will be issued within 10-working days of the match at which the offence took place, or within one working day of the next home match (if this follows within a week of the previous home match). Circumstance and investigations may extend these guidelines.

Where deemed appropriate by the Club, the reinstatement of a banned supporter’s privileges will be dependent upon them signing and returning an Acceptable Behaviour Agreement, see appendix for example.

Appeals Process

The Club recognises the right to reply for any individual who has been issued with a stadium ban.

Should a supporter be dissatisfied with the final response that they have received from the Club in relation to their stadium ban, they can appeal the decision to the Club’s Supporter Liaison Officer. All appeals must be in writing either by email or post, providing a detailed response in relation to the issue or specific point(s) that are being appealed.

Upon receipt, a review of the issue or specific points(s) raised within the appeal will be considered by management. The Club will try to respond to any appeal within 10-working days, though this period may increase during peak times or if further investigation is required. The Club will endeavour to provide updates on our progress should a longer period be required. The findings of this review will be conveyed in writing and will be considered final by the Club.

Reporting Incidents

The Club recognise that most supporters come to the stadium to watch a football match and not to listen to abusive or indecent language from the stands. Swearing in the Richmond Road Stand is not acceptable. Any discriminatory behaviour, which includes, shouting, chanting or actions such as racist, sectarian, homophobic, sexist, or anti-disability behaviour, is unacceptable.

If a supporter witness’s incidents like these they are encouraged to be in contact with a steward and report their concerns, as this will enable us to act on them as quickly as possible.

Feel free to contact the club at to report incidents. Personal information will be kept confidential.


Acceptable Behaviour Agreement
This document is a formal agreement between Shelbourne Football Club (the Club) and:

Person Supporter Number

I, _______________________________________ understand that authority for me to attend fixtures is dependent on my agreement to comply with the following points plus the instructions of stewards and the rules and regulations concerning football stadia.

  1. I will not behave in an unacceptable manner or commit offences at, or in relation to any fixture involving Shelbourne Football Club, either at home or at away fixtures.
  2. I agree not to act in a manner causing, or likely to cause a breach of the Ground Regulations.

Breach of Agreement:

If you do anything, which you agree not to do, or fail to do anything which you agree to do, under this agreement, or commit any other acts of unacceptable behaviour, or offences, the Club will take positive action which may or may not include involvement of the An Garda Siochana. The Club may impose a Banning Order independently of any action taken by An Garda Siochana to prevent a recurrence of this type of behaviour. If this agreement is breached, your privileges as a season ticket holder/member will be withdrawn without refund.


I agree with the contents of this agreement, and I understand and accept the terms detailed within. The consequences of breaching this agreement have been explained to me.

Print Name:
Signed on behalf of Shelbourne FC

Sign and return this copy to:

Club Secretary, Shelbourne Football Club, Tolka Park, Richmond Road, Dublin 3.
Statement regarding sharing of information with An Garda Siochana:
• If you are dealt with by the club in connection with a football related offence, we will notify An

Garda Siochana.

  • The information that we share may include your details, information about the offence or incident.
  • We will use this to identify and prevent your entry to this stadium or any other facilities operated for or on behalf of the Club.