World Cup Forecast Coupons

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This summer brings the World Cup to be held in Brazil in June/July.

Shelbourne Coupons will be running a one-off forecast based on the qualifying games and invite you to take part in this, as a way for all of us to raise additional funds for our club.

Coupons will cost €5 each and will contain 12 games from the qualifying rounds, spread from Sunday, June 15th to Thursday, June 26th (with a game from almost every day over this period).

Highest Points Prize will be a WHOPPING €3,000 – and must be won.

There is also a Highest Points Sellers Prize of €300.

We will also have an additional five €100 prizes drawn at random from all coupons submitted.

For those who normally sell the Shelbourne Forecast Coupons, we hope you will be in a position to sell these forecast coupons.

Coupons will be distributed in the usual manner from Saturday May 17th and received in the usual manner up to and including Saturday June 14th – first game on the coupons is Sunday, June 15th. This will give a full four weeks in which to sell the coupons. The corrections and draw will take place on Wednesday, June 25th.

Coupons will also be available at all Shelbourne home games from Friday, May 2nd to Friday, May 30th.

If you need any additional information, you can contact Andy O’Sullivan on or on 087 9090 104