Updated Under 19s Squad Information

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As promised earlier in the week Martin Murray is delighted to announce the signings of the following players from last season

Goalkeeper Eric Donnellywho has been on bench for Kevin Doherty’s Senior Team the last couple of weeks

Defender Conor Keeleywho has already made the step up as Kevin has called him into training the last two weeks.

Gavin Kearney

Cian Kennedy

Luke Doyle

Aaron Robinson

Glenn Carragher

Dylan Grimes

Aaron Ralph

Andy Gorman

George Mukete

Ronan O’Flynn

Unfortunately Ahu Obhakhan, Andrew Ward and Ross O’Brien are leaving for greener pastures of Scholarship to the United States and we wish them every success.

A new signing is Fintan Devlin – Manager Martin Murray signed Fintan from the club’s own Youth Academy where he was managed by Martin Kinsella.

Murray will be inviting at least two more from this squad into preseason camp and the final touches are been put to signing a second keeper, which should be completed over the weekend.