Shels launch new media service along with message from CEO Dave O’Connor

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As Shelbourne FC CEO David O’Connor confirms the club has successfully honored it’s contracts with players and staff and will seek to continue to do so in the future, the club is releasing a new media service which will further help the Reds in this new challenging environment.

Launching a new Patreon service for fans where an exclusive podcast, video and archive material will be available, the club is looking to maintain its momentum while also providing supporters a great opportunity to keep engaging with their team throughout turbulent times.

The Covid-19 coronavirus crisis has left the country, along with the rest of the world, facing its biggest challenge in decades, with many of our supporters losing their jobs, and leaving the vulnerable in our society exposed.

While football pales in significance to these matters, it also has a role to play in society and O’Connor says he is “proud” that the club has met its financial obligations to its staff and players in the aftermath of the suspension of the League of Ireland.

Furthermore, with a daily review in place, O’Connor said “our aim and intention is to honour all contracts and staff” whilst ensuring the sustainability of the club going forward.

“We’re still awaiting full confirmation from the government support structures, that hopefully will be available to us to utilise, and until that’s made 100% clear, we’ll just have to treat it on a day-to-day basis,” he added.

Launching the media service, there will be two tiers of membership for fans with consideration given to those out of work while also seeking to provide high-quality value in the service.

The podcast only service will be EUR 5 per month, while a premium service including video, archive material and articles will be EUR 15 per month, the price of a match ticket.

EirSport’s Shane Dawson and broadcaster Darren Cleary are getting behind the microphone for the podcast, where players, staff and club legends will be interviewed weekly.

While the club has not got vast sums of money, we are proud to have such a talented volunteer team who can make such ventures possible.

Reds Creative, the creative output of Shels, features videographers, photographers, broadcasters, journalists and musicians and this group of people are integral to the recent and future growth of the club. This service will further enhance this development.

Episode one of The 1895 features further insight from Dave O’Connor into the clubs operations since the league suspension and an interview with last year’s play-off winner Oscar Brennan.

Further material will be released on the platform after being launched today, and we’re excited to see fans’ interaction with the new service with their involvement becoming more and more crucial every day. 

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