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The Shels Club Shop will now be taking email orders online for Shels merchandise while the Tolka Park store is closed due to COVID-19 coronavirus and we prepare our new online store.

Email your order to with name, address, size if applicable and payment preference.

Payment options

  • Card payment
  • PayPal
  • Revolut


Shels Mental Health tee

Price: €25

Shels tee promoting mental health awareness designed by Zoe Redmond and proceeds supporting mental health services at Shels

Shelbourne FC Bobble Hat

Price: €20

Shels bobble hat with crest and 1895

Shelbourne FC 125 Year Hat

Price: €20

Reversible Shels beanie hat. Navy on inside.

2019 Promotion match poster

Price: €15

A4 matt finish of the official poster for our promotion winning game in 2019 by Ciaran Doyne

Shelbourne FC 2020 Home Jersey

Price: €65

€50 Junior

Shels 2020 Umbro home jersey.

S-XL and Junior sizes available

Shelbourne FC 2020 Away Jersey

Price: €65

€50 Junior

Shels 2020 Umbro away jersey

S-XL and Junior sizes available

Shels Fan Pack

Price: €60

  • 1895 bobble hat
  • Shels snood
  • Blow up Bang Bang sticks
  • Shels pen
  • Shels mini-pencil case
  • Shels teddy bear
  • Shels car-freshner
  • Shels key ring

Shels Pins Pack

Price: €15

  • Pack of three limited edition Shels pins plus 125 Year fridge magnet.

Shels 125 Years

Price: €35

  • Specially commissioned SFC Keyring, engraved with the 125th crest.
  • 125 Year Scarf
  • 125 Year Lanyard
  • 125 Year fridge magnet

Shelbourne FC Red Walkout Jacket

Price: €55

€42 Junior

Red Umbro Shels Walkout jacket

S-XXL and Junior sizes available

Shelbourne FC Navy Walkout Jacket

Price: €55

€42 Junior

Navy Umbro Shels Walkout jacket

S-XXL and Junior sizes available

Shelbourne FC 125 Year Scarf

Price: €15

Shels scarf celebrating 125 years

Shelbourne FC Neck/Face scarf

Two pack: €10

Light and washable Shels neck scarf which covers mouth and nose

Other Umbro items

Elite Hybrid Jacket – Black: €69.00, €55.00

Adult Mid-Layer Hybrid:  €58.00

Junior Mid-Layer Hybrid:  €45.00 (SM-LB)  € 56.00 (XLB)

Adult Mid-Layer Hybrid ½ Zip:  €65.00

Junior Thermal Hybrid ½ Zip:  €52.00 (SM-LB)  € 64.00 (XLB)

Purple Hybrid Training Jersey €45

White Training jersey €35

Polo Shirts Red / White / Grey / Black red/white €30, Grey Black: €30

SFC Umbro Football €15

SFC Umbro Backpack: €25

SFC Umbro Hold-all: €35

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