Shelbourne FC statement

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Shelbourne FC condemns all forms of violence and anti-social behaviour. Shelbourne has 150 playing female members and is one of Ireland’s leading women’s football clubs. Violence against women has no place in society or in football.  

As a leading Irish football club Shelbourne FC has an extensive community and social inclusion programme.

Shelbourne FC is aware of images, posts and video circulating on social media in relation to an incident in Howth Dart Station in which a young woman was assaulted.  Shelbourne FC deplores and condemns the behaviour shown in the video and images.   

The principle of respect means respecting the rights of all involved including the rights of a person to due process no matter how abhorrent his or her behaviour may appear. This is all the more so where the allegations concern a minor.  

Shelbourne FC will deal with this matter promptly, properly and fairly.