Shelbourne FC make an appearance at Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbot gig at The Academy

“We have such a laugh when we come to your city”, beams Paul Heaton, former singer of The Beautiful South and The Housemartins. Despite leaving his drinking days well behind him, Heaton looks like the kind of man who’d be equally at home down the pub or at a football match as shuffling around a stage.

For this sell out Dublin date, Heaton performs with a full band including a drummer who for some reason hangs a Shelbourne FC pennant on his kit. The charismatic singer and his band certainly aren’t just trading on past glories. Heaton is finally reunited with Jacqui Abbott, the singer who replaced Briana Corrigan as his female foil in The Beautiful South.

Some of the band members called in to see us at Tolka Park on Saturday and met with Paul O’Rourke and Fank Young. They visited the shop and purchased some home shirts, some badges and a club pennant, which they told frank would be hung on the drum-kit for the Academy show- hence the above reference.

Good to see you folks and maybe next time you’re over in Dublin, you’ll fit in a game at Tolka. In the meantime, the best of luck to ‘the Blades’ of Sheffield and maybe United might come and play us in pre-season next year !!

The review of their Academy gig can be found at

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