Shelbourne FC 125 Year Pack

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The Shelbourne FC 125th Anniversary fan pack.

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Fridge Magnet 

The Shelbourne FC fridge magnet allows you to mark the 125th Year Anniversary on any metal surface such as fridge door or locker.  



This is the limited edition official Shelbourne FC 125 Year Anniversary jacquard scarf. The scarf is thick and great for fans looking for a classic club scarf. The material is 100% high quality acrylic. The scarf is two shades of red and white and the fringe colours are also white. 



This is a specially commissioned Shelbourne FC keyring that is engraved with the 125th crest.



It features soft fusible fleece interfacing which helps stop the scratchy corners & reinforced pressure points to clasp ID holder. It has a red background and white text, with the 125 year anniversary pattern. It’s perfect for showing off your Shels colours at work and attaching an ID, badge holder or keys. It will hang approx. 20” down from your neck.

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