Message from Stephen Henderson and Shels Academy

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Dear coaches and volunteers,

This week will see the Shelbourne FC Academy close for the Christmas break. It is our intention that our League Of Ireland teams return on Monday the January 4 followed by a full Academy resumption on Monday the January 11 as per our updated Astro Schedule for 2021.

As we come to the end of what can only be described as a horrendous year of physical and mental challenges created by Covid-19, a number of heroes needed to emerge and while all the frontline workers are deserving of this categorisation, I believe you the grassroots coaches are also deserving of such praise and recognition.

When we come into the world of football coaching, it becomes very clear at a very early stage that our coaching skills are just a small ingredient required when dealing with the mind and abilities of young children. We strive to create an environment our players can learn and improve in, but most importantly an environment that is fun and safe. Every single one of our coaches and our volunteers have shown these qualities and beyond at a time when they were most needed during this unprecedented pandemic.

Thousands of children have been afforded some kind of normality through this pandemic, thousands of children have been kept safe, thousands of children have kept fit and thousands of children have smiled because of people like you, that is heroic.

On behalf of myself and the Academy Committee we cannot thank you enough for your incredible work and dedication over the last few months. We wish you all and your families a vey happy and safe Christmas Holiday

Kind Regards

Stephen Henderson