FAI National Draw 2019

Tickets are now available from the club for the FAI National Draw – Great Prizes to be Won and a Great Fundraiser for the Club – Please contact Niall at the number below if you are in a position to sell some tickets – or, indeed, wish to buy some.

The FAI National Draw takes place again this year and we are looking for your support in selling tickets for this fundraiser. The tickets sell for €10 each and the club makes a clear profit of €8.50 per ticket.

Please contact Niall Fitzmaurice at 087 6379121 to let us know if you can take some tickets, and how many, and we will get them to you as soon as possible.

Draw Details There are three separate draws that tickets will be entered into:

a) Club Draws Any club that orders more than 100 tickets will receive bonus prizes just for those who buy tickets from that club. The FAI will provide the prizes and the club will undertake this draw themselves. The clubs can add their own prizes to this draw if they wish.

b) Regional Draws To give each ticket holder the best chance of winning they will be entered into a regional draw with prizes just for tickets sold within that region. The four regions are: • Dublin • Rest of Leinster • Munster • Ulster and Connaught

c) National Draw Every ticket will also be entered into a National Draw with a host of additional prizes

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