Club Statement | 6th March 2024

Ahead of Friday’s game we are writing to supporters in the wake of a number of incidents around the League of Ireland in recent weeks. The safety and enjoyment of our supporters is our primary concern. We have enjoyed a great start to the 2024 season. We strive to make Tolka Park a welcoming, safe and family friendly environment. You as supporters, help us to do that. 

The League of Ireland and all of its member clubs maintain a zero tolerance policy on the use of pyrotechnics and fireworks before, during and after matches. Ahead of our upcoming match against Bohemian FC at Dalymount Park this Friday, the club has been put on notice that any breach of these regulations will result in serious and severe sanctions up to and including partial or full stand closures, bans on our fans attending away fixtures, or full ground closures for games, the suspension of matches and forfeiture of games.

Shelbourne FC wishes to emphasise that we maintain a strict zero-tolerance stance towards the use of pyrotechnics and fireworks within our stadium or at any of our matches home or away. Such actions pose significant risks to the safety of everyone present, including supporters, players, staff, and officials.

Proactive measures will be taken to identify anyone who is holding pyro, or found in possession of or deploying such items, they will be promptly removed from the stadium and subjected to the maximum penalty of indefinite or multi season bans from attending games home and away.

The potential away fans bans for future games is a real danger and a precedent has been set in recent weeks elsewhere. This would not only affect the club but also our loyal supporters who travel around the country to roar on the Reds, and the players on the pitch who thrive off the atmosphere and energy of our supporters.

The behaviour of the vast majority of match going attendees is exemplary and you are a credit to Shelbourne FC. Unfortunately the increasing incidents of reckless and dangerous use of pyrotechnics elsewhere have left us with no option but to issue this warning to the minority in the sternest possible terms.

While we are aware and accept that this is an issue created only by a handful of individuals, their actions have widespread repercussions that will impact us all. A number of League of Ireland clubs issued open letters last week on this subject.

Shelbourne FC did not do so at the time as we did not feel it appropriate to lecture the majority of the fanbase on an issue that is created by a handful of individuals. Having been made aware of the severe sanctions such actions will carry, the club feel the time is right to make you aware of the serious consequences the club is facing should there be any use of pyro on Friday.

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