Club statement

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At our recent home match against Peamount United, an individual was heard to have directed misogynistic abuse at an opposition player, including the use of a homophobic term.

The incident was reported and having been made aware of this incident, we immediately contacted Peamount United to offer our apologies to the player. 

We have since added an additional security presence, specifically briefed to identify anyone engaging in discriminatory abuse and with instructions that anyone doing so should be ejected from the ground. 

We have reported the incident to An Garda Síochána and have been endeavouring to identify the individual from CCTV footage.

The Club will not tolerate any discriminatory verbal abuse in Tolka Park and any individual that we can identify will receive a lifetime ban from the ground. There is no place for this kind of abuse in football – on or off the pitch and we wish to apologize again to the player.

Shelbourne FC is an inclusive club and we know that our supporters share our desire to ensure that everybody can enjoy the game without being subject to discriminatory abuse of any kind.