Board of management statement

Following last week’s game at Dalymount Park, the continued use of flares at our games has become a major concern, not only from a financial cost point of view, but more importantly, the safety aspect. 

From the outset may we make it clear that this in no way is a criticism of the majority of our supporters, who are extremely well behaved at all our games both home and away and who I’m sure are equally concerned. 

It pains us to see that a very small minority are not only letting us down and costing us money but are creating a potential disaster waiting to happen. 

It is agreed that the atmosphere and the colour created by the flares adds to the occasion but this unfortunately cannot justify the use of them.

This came to a head last Friday when the flares were thrown onto the pitch at Dalymount, narrowly missing both the Bohemian goalkeeper and a child. 

This is a disaster waiting to happen, whereby a mis-thrown flare lands in the crowd causing harm and distress to a number of people. 

We cannot sit by and let this continue because by doing so we are not adhering to Health & Safety and furthermore the reputation of our Club will be damaged.

At our last home game we ejected 2 people who we found to be lighting flares. This was clearly visible from our new CCTV camera system. 

These 2 lads were issued with a “yellow card” but as and from Friday night  this behaviour will not be tolerated. 

Those found responsible will be removed from the stadium, banned from Tolka Park and away grounds, reported to the Gardai who will  then instigate proceedings as appropriate.

We hope we will not have to take this action and maybe self-regulation amongst yourselves might be the best course to take, but failing that we have no alternative but to implement the above.  

None of us want to take away the Match Day enjoyment, but this is simply too dangerous to overlook and we hope very much that you can support us in this action. 


Board of Management

Shelbourne Football Club

Written by: Shelbourne FC Board of Management| Published by: Shelbourne FC

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